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Creating a Viral Web App to Promote Poetry

When it comes to publishing ground-breaking, innovative poetry, no-one does it better than the critically acclaimed and award winning Toronto publisher, BookThug.

Recently, publisher Jay Millar gave me the challenge of creating a web app that would allow anyone to create unique poetry while also strengthening the BookThug brand and promoting BookThug books and authors.

Jay started with a simple idea – allow anyone on the internet to input a single line of text, press a button, and create a poem.

Brainstorming the idea further, I suggested that we take the user’s line of text and combine it with lines of poetry from BookThug authors, taken directly from the books they had published with BookThug to create a finished poem. This would allow anyone to “collaborate” with BookThug poets and create a truly unique poem.

I built the user interface for the app using a responsive framework, so it looks great and works well on all screen sizes and devices including smart phones and tablets.

Once you have created a poem you can quickly and easily share it on Facebook, which brings people back to poemBot to view the poem and then create their own.

The app was an immediate success with over 1,500 unique poems created in the first week and generating some real buzz for BookThug.

The app was dubbed “poemBot” and you can try it yourself here:

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