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Using Landing Pages for SEO and Lead Generation

You’ve probably heard that Landing Pages are a Digital Marketing essential for lead generation and SEO.

However, for most businesses there is a big difference between an “idea” and putting that idea into practice.

That might explain why so few companies actually use Landing Pages, even if they believe they would be beneficial.

In this post I will use a real, live Landing Page to explain how they work and why they are an important part of your digital marketing mix.

The Landing Page in question is for a digital learning program called “Learn to Direct” and it is the first and only online film-making course that uses modern Hollywood movies to teach the art and craft of directing for film and video.

You can see the live page here:

So why use a Landing Page?

Well, actually, before deciding on a landing page we looked at the immediate marketing goals:

1) Lead Generation: build an email list of interested prospects.

2) SEO: Achieve high ranking for the keyword phrase “Learn to direct”.

3) Education: Inform visitors about the program and it’s benefits.

These goals made a Landing Page a perfect fit.

The landing page was designed to be visually striking and quickly deliver the key value proposition of the program, “Learn How to Direct Movies Without Going to Film School”, while highlighting the many benefits of the program and encourage an email list signup and free trial of the program.

Here is what the page looks like:

So, did we achieve our marketing goals with this Landing Page?


1) Lead Generation: The Landing Page delivered a 300% increase in email signups.

2) SEO: The page is ranked on the first page of google for the search phrase “learn to direct” (see the image below for proof).

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