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The Sales and Royalty tracking system I developed for Toronto publisher BookThug allows the staff to track inventory, sales, and royalty payments to authors in one central location from any device. The system features a mobile friendly design that allow staff to enter information from any device, and create reports for sales, inventory, and royalties with the touch of a button, saving hundreds of hours of work every year. ...

I was hired by BookThug to create a web app that would allow anyone on the internet to collaborate with BookThug authors to create a unique poem that they could share on Facebook. The app that would be used to promote poetry in general and BookThug author's and their books specifically. Enter a single line of text, choose a poem style, and press the "Create Poem" button. The app takes your line of text and combines it...

Classic Horror Posters, an online retailer of vintage horror movie poster reprints, was looking for a unique way to drive social traffic to their website. We took a look at the content marketing landscape in their space and found that there were boat-loads of articles, blog posts, and Top 10 Lists about classic horror movies being posted and shared on Facebook all the time (making it a very competitive space for both SEO and social media), but there were very...