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Treka Outdoor Apparel Landing Page

Treka Outdoor Apparel Landing Page

Treka is a brand new Canadian Outdoor Apparel company who’s our mission is to provide high quality outdoor apparel that is reasonably priced so people can enjoy the outdoors.

Treka’s jackets and pants are made in Nepal because, in their words “we love it there, we love the Nepali people, and we want to help them improve the quality of their lives.”

Treka’s motto is “Follow No One”, and it’s a philosophy they live by.

In order to start generating awareness for Treka and build an launch email list while the e-commerce website was being built and the product details were being finalized, I create a landing page to act as the destination for a Facebook Ad campaign promoting a free $25 gift card.

The page presents a clear call to action with a combined sense of exclusivity and incentive to act in the form of a limited number of cards available.

Since this is a new company that is not already known to people we included an “About Us” section to help personalize the company and the offer.



We felt it was also important to provide a reason for people to care about this new company and their mission so the pages goes on to tell the story behind the founding of the company.



The page ends by showcasing some of Treka’s products and another invitation to join the email list and receive a free $25 gift card.



While it’s still up you can see the page here: http://www.treakwear.com


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